The mere mention of swimming pools or spas fills our heart with immense joy and instantly we start imagining ourselves in the clear, sparkling water but when we hear a thing about, spa maintenance, we immediately get intimidated and get caught up in the jargons of water sanitization.

This is because we are not fully aware of the procedures of maintenance and once understood, spa maintenance is nothing more than a cakewalk. In order to understand this arduous process, you need to realize the importance of filters. One needs to know that no amount of chlorine or skimming can replace a spa filter. A spa filter needs to be installed after careful consideration and spa owners need to take into account the volume, capacity and the desired flow-rate before finalizing on any product. A filter should also be chosen after going through a variety of brands and after having sufficient knowledge of each variant. Various online stores are now selling all kinds of pool accessories and that make it easier for you to access through different brands. Bullfrog Spa filters are advisable for those who are looking for impeccable sanitization and this brand has garnered impressive popularity among pool owners.

spa filter replacement

Another common mistake which pool owners make is after installation they don’t even give a glance to their equipment. Now that can be harmful to the hygiene as pool equipment need to be regularly maintained. In case you’re looking for easy maintenance then you can go for cartridge filters as they are easy to maintain and provide effective cleansing of contaminants. A cartridge filter is produced by many brands including Bullfrog Spas and many others. These kinds of filters can be easily cleaned using a garden hose and one just needs to ensure that they don’t put excessive pressure while cleaning the cartridge.

Apart from filter maintenance, even spa filter replacement should be timely and regular. After a certain period of time, spa filter get corroded and this can add additional contaminants to your spa and hence regular replacement should be there especially if you notice sudden changes in the filter pressure or if there is change in the color of the surface of the cartridge.  Know the process of spa filter replacement.

Recommended Product-

Unicle-8CH-950 is a replacement cartridge that has the technical specifications of Filbur #FC-0536, OEM #10-1035 and Pleatco #PBF50-F2S. It offers optimum hygiene and can make your pool water look sparkling clean. It is 6 inch long and 8 inch wide and can bear a top load of 120 square foot and is suitable for US tooling and Spa, Bullfrog Spas and Diamante Spas.