There are several tasks involved in the maintenance of a hot tub. While some of these need to be done daily, some others can be carried out on a weekly or even monthly basis. Shock treatment, sanitizing the spa water, draining and refilling the hot tub, and spa filter replacement are some of the most important maintenance tasks for the spa.

You should pay special attention to the spa right from the time of installation. To begin with, a reputed brand should be chosen. Dynasty is one among the top brands of spa accessories. Dynasty spa parts are highly efficient and at the same time, considerably durable.

Maintain the Chemical Balance of Your Hot Tub Water

The spa water needs to be clean, clear, and safe, for which it should have the right chemical balance. Here are some effective measures to maintain the optimal chemical balance in spa water. Take a look at these.

Check Sanitizer Levels Regularly

Sanitizer is one of the most common chemicals used in hot tubs. You should check the sanitizer levels regularly and add the required amount when needed. When a hot tub is being used more often than usual, the spa water needs to be sanitized at least twice in a week. Chlorine and bromine are the common chemicals used for sanitizing spa water. Compared to the hot tubs which use bromine, those using chlorine require more attention.

Monitor the pH Level

The optimal pH value for water in a hot tub lies between 7.4 to 7.6. The value is slightly above the neutral level. Maintaining this pH level helps to avoid the corrosion of spa equipment. It is necessary to check the pH level of spa water regularly, and increase or decrease it accordingly. Made from high-quality material, Dynasty hot tub parts can handle the pH changes in spa water without getting corroded.

Choose the Right Replacement Parts

Some parts of the hot tub equipment, such as the filter and filter cartridges need to be replaced on a regular basis. For the hot tub to stay in the best condition, it is better to choose spa replacement parts of good quality.

By following the above mentioned measures, you can easily maintain your hot tub water's chemical balance.