Lots to Do Besides Pool Filter Replacement

Just an enjoyable luxury in the past, swimming pool has now become an indispensable need for many. Those too busy to dedicate even a couple of hours for the gym, find swimming as an excellent way to get rid of extra calories. Not only is it a refreshing and pleasurable experience to swim in your own pool, but also helpful in toning the body muscles, not to mention that swimming is essential as a safety measure as well.

As far as a pool owner is concerned, there are certain priorities – topmost among them is clean and clear water. With dirty water, not only will your pool lose its appeal, but also swimmers are bound to experience certain health troubles. While too much of acidity in the pool water can cause skin problems as well as corrosion of pool equipment, too much of alkalinity can impede some of the essential body functions. None of your guests would want such an outcome after swimming in your pool. It is thus always advisable to use pool filters from reputed brands. Similarly, one needs to be selective while purchasing swimming pool filter cartridges as well.

With online stores a few clicks away, people find it a lot easier to buy pool products such as filter cartridges and filter grids. When it comes to filter cartridges, a large number of pool owners prefer to use Summer scapes cartridges due to their high efficiency and durability.

Like any other product, there is a certain point where pool filters fail the test of time and loose their efficiency in the process. A pool filter replacement is an ideal solution in such cases. With a new and better filter, you can expect your pool water to stay crystal clear for a longer time.

Filters are definitely a crucial part of your pool equipment, but there are also some other parts that require care and attention. Mentioned below are some of those:

Pool Pump:

Swimming pool filtration system works in coordination with the circulation system – while the former is taken care of by the pool filter, the latter is carried out by the pool pump. It is thus necessary for a pool owner to monitor the functionality of pump and check it for leaks or cracks. A guide to repairing leaks in pool pumps.


One can choose to take a swim during the day or at night depending on his/her mood and schedule. The lighting arrangement of the pool thus needs to be checked regularly.