To keep the water of a pool filter clean, it is very important for the pool filter and the pool pump to work together efficiently. The pump circulates the water in the pool and pushes it into the pool filter, which then purifies the pool water and pushes out crystal clear water back into the swimming pool. It is advised to always install a high quality pool filters products as cheap pool filters cartridges do not function is an effective manner after a prolonged use. Jacuzzi Brothers pool filters is one of the reputed and trusted names in the market.

Many pool owners do not have an understanding of how long should they run the pool pump. The pool pump running time basically depends on the size of the pool, size of the pump and the number of times the pool is used, however, a pool owner should not run a pool pump for more than 3 hours in a day.

Use of pool pump:

Many people do not understand the need of installing a pool pump along with a pool filter. A pump circulates the pool water and pushes it through the filter. The pool filter cartridges trap all the impurities that are present in this water and push the water back into the pool. Another use of the pump is to equally distribute the chemical through circulation of water. This helps in keeping the pool water clean at all times.

When to use:

It is good to keep the pump running for a long period of time as the water will keep circulating till the time the pump keeps running. However, for how long the pump should run depends on the size of the pool. Some pool pump circulate all the water within a time span of 6 to 8 hours while some might take 12 hours. To start off with, run your pool for 6 hours. If you still feel that the water is dirty, increase the time slot by 30 minutes until the water appears to be clean.

Efficiency of the pumps:

Larger the size of the pump, more will be the amount of energy consumed. The best way to keep a check on your electricity bill is by choosing a small pump (as it will consume less energy). Moreover, make sure you do not run the pump continuously for 24 hours.

Make sure you install a pump that works well together with your pool filters and delivers excellent results.