Discussions and debates on pool and spa water clarity have run their course and people have started to install high-quality spa filtration systems already. Among the three types of spa filters, namely cartridge filters, sand filters and diatomaceous earth filters, most people prefer to use cartridge filters mainly because installation, operation and maintenance of these filters require minimal effort.

Dynasty hot tub parts

One's choice of hot tub brands is definitely an important factor determining the well-being and robustness of his/her hot tub. Needless to say, a hot tub of poor quality is bound to suffer from frequent problems such as inefficient water filtration, malfunctioning pump and leaks. Hot tubs from reputed brands, on the other hand, can guarantee a hassle-free experience for several years to come – Dynasty is one such hot tub brand. The clever design of Dynasty hot tub parts makes them highly durable and efficient, and thus the owner will not end up spending too much money and time on maintaining the hot tub. The only routine that needs to be carried out is the regular cleaning and replacement of hot tub filter cartridges. Cleaning involves two different processes. Backwashing, which refers to the rinsing of a cartridge with a garden hose needs to be done once in every two weeks. Deep-cleaning which is done with the help of a filter cleaning solution needs to be done once in every three months. Here the cartridge is soaked in the cleaning solution overnight and scrubbed gently with a brush next morning.

While the hot tub filters and pumps get all the care and attention they need from hot tub owners, lighting which also happens to be one among the essential hot tub parts, is often ignored when it comes to maintenance. With water being circulated through most of the parts of a hot tub, the lighting is vulnerable to problems. In some cases, you might even need to replace it.

Following are the steps to do so:

1. Switch off the power supply to the hot tub. This way you can eliminate the possibility of an electrical shock while working on lighting.

 Power Supply

2. Carefully disconnect the wires and unscrew the face plate that holds the old light fixture.

Disconnect Wire

3. Place the new fixture on the surface of the water, thus letting its cord suspend freely

Placing New Light Fixture

4. Finally attach the new cord and replace the bulb.

Hot Tub Lights

Make sure you refer to manufacturer's guidelines before taking any step.