The scorching heat of summers triggers the desire for a fun activity that can cool the body and refresh the mind at the same time. Swimming, as a matter of fact, is one such activity and certainly the best one. It is one of the few ways of enjoyment that involve burning of calories. Furthermore, swimming also helps you get rid of stress and depression. All these benefits, however, come at a cost. While a swimming pool gives you some of the most pleasurable moments of your life, it also requires due care and attention to serving you best. A pool with dirty water, malfunctioning equipment or both is certainly not suitable for swimming.

Pool Maintenance Routine

Pool maintenance is just an umbrella term – it comprises of several tasks that need to be carried out on a regular basis. While some of these tasks are related to the cleanliness and clarity of pool water, some others are associated with well-being of pool equipment such a Pool Filter, pre-filters, pump and vacuum. Knowing what a filter or pump does is something very basic for both pool owners and those reading a whole lot about swimming pools on a daily basis. The new innovations in pool maintenance scenario, however, are still unknown to many people.

The following section gives a brief explanation of the most important ones among these innovations:


Equipment in swimming pools these days includes a filter as well as a pre-filter. As the name suggests, a pool pre-filter precedes the filter. Some of the impurities in pool water are large in size, and removing them does not necessarily need a pleated filter. A pre-filter can do this job quite effectively. The minute impurities can then be taken care of by the filter.
Ponds like pools, needs to have an effective filtration system. They are thus equipped with pond pre-filters which work in coordination with rest of the equipment.

Saltwater Chlorinators

Several swimming pools these days have salt water. In such pools, there is no need to add chlorine externally for sanitization. A chlorinator can generate the same internally with the help of saltwater. It causes a reaction that releases the requisite amount of chlorine in pool water.

Some of the other innovations in pool maintenance include UV ray generators, glass bead filter media and safety release valves.