Knowledge of Pool Equipment and Significance of Unicel C 4326 Filter Cartridge

Nobody likes to have green or cloudy water in their swimming pool. Hence, filtration is an essential need for pools as well as spas. Some important points about pool equipment and the significance of Unicel C 4326 cartridge has been explained here.

Clean and clear water free from any harmful chemical by-products is the sign of a healthy and safe swimming pool or spa. There is a lot of work involved in maintaining a pool, and normally it is shared between the pool owner and professionals such as service engineers. Professional advice is necessary as it helps the pool owner to decide which equipment to choose and how to maintain it. For instance, many pool service engineers recommend the use of Coast Mountain Spas Pool Filters.

Maintenance of your swimming pool will be a lot better and more efficient, if you have good knowledge about pool equipment. Following are some important parts of pool equipment:

Pool Filter

One of the most important parts of your pool equipment, filter plays a vital role in swimming pool maintenance. Coordinating with the circulation system, filter traps dust particles, microbes and other debris in pool water, thus rendering it clean and safe for swimmers. Most pool owners have now resorted to cartridge filters nowadays. Like the name specifies, these filters use a cartridge having numerous pleats, unlike other types of pool filters that use sand or diatomaceous earth. Pleats on this cartridge act as filtering media. The cartridge needs to be cleaned regularly, and replaced if it is too old or damaged.

Pool Pump

Circulation of water in a swimming pool is carried out by the pump. It helps to keep the water moving so that impurities do not get settled in it.

Above mentioned parts are found in spas as well. While choosing equipment for pool or spa, it is necessary to pay attention to quality. For instance, spa parts in Canada are considered to be best by a large number of spa owners.

Recommended Product

For a pool filter to be consistently efficient, its cartridges need to be replaced regularly. Unicel C 4326 is a suitable replacement cartridge for this purpose. Complying to technical specifications Filbur # FC 2375, Pleatco # PRB 25IN and OEM # C4326, this cartridge helps to keep pool water clean and clear by trapping dust particle and other debris. It is 4 15/16 inches wide and 13 15/16 inches long. Furthermore, it has 2 1/8 inch long holes on the top and bottom.