The functionality of a spa replacement filter depends on the efficiency of the spa parts you choose. It is always a great choice to opt for branded products and at present, Artesian spa replacement cartridge filters are quite popular among spa owners.

  • Types of spa filters and their design: Both portable spas and swim spas use two different types of spa filters, namely Pleated spa pool filters and Micron spa pool filters.


Pleated Spa Filters:

These are the most commonly used type of filters. These are capable of filtering out particulates as minute as 20 microns in size. The cartridges of these filters are made of pleated filter media. The purpose of the pleats is to increase the surface area of the spa filter. This way, the size requirement is taken care of and the filter functions more efficiently.

Micron Spa filters:
You can use these filters alone as well as in collaboration with pleated spa filters. The filter media in the cartridges of these spa filters have an extraordinary spun design. They can filter out particulates about 5 microns in size. That is why they are considered more ideal for keeping the water clear. Micron filters such as Artesian spa filters prove to be cost-effective. With these filters, you will not need much chemicals to keep the water of your spa clean, and thus you can save money.

While analyzing your spa filter, you should also observe the end caps. The caps should be tightly attached to the filter media. In some low-quality filters, the caps are loosely fixed. Such filters are more vulnerable to damage.

  • Lifespan of your spa filter: The life of your spa filter depends on a number factors such as the extent of usage and maintenance. With continued use, your spa filter will gradually get blocked and you will have to either clean it or replace it. Pleated filters should be cleaned once in at least two weeks. Micron filters cannot be cleaned, but it is necessary to replace them once in every three to six months, if the spa pool is being used regularly.

Certain signs show up when your filter cartridges need replacement. Here are some of those.

  • Loss of clarity in spa water.
  • Frequent blockage in the cartridge
  • Restrictions in the flow of water
  • A significant difference between the pressure coming in and the pressure going out