Know the Right Chemicals for Your Spas

We may not have reached the highest financial status, yet we have our list of required luxuries. Pools and spas, as a matter of fact, are on top of this list. Being some of the greatest means for enjoyment and relaxation, these luxuries also offer health benefits. While swimming in a pool helps you get rid of excess calories, a dip in a spa provides relief from problems such as body pain, abnormal blood pressure and irregular sleep.

We can go on all day talking about the benefits of pools and spas. The discussion here, however, is about spas. While experienced spa owners know quite a lot about maintaining it, beginners are yet to learn the same. Furthermore, there are many who are ready to purchase a spa but find it tough to choose a brand – the same, however, is not much of a trouble when you have so many reputed suppliers. Arctic spas, for instance, are considered as some of the best spas. Equipped with a robust filtration system, these spas can help you maintain the cleanliness and clarity of the water in it, thus ensuring the safety of those using the spa.

Even Arctic spa filters are known to possess a high level of durability and efficiency. Offering all three types of pool filters, the brand manufactures each of those meticulously thus making sure these filters work with utmost perfection. Operation and maintenance of these filters are quite simple and thus, you don't have to dedicate too much time or effort for the same.

While you can rid your spa water from impurities such as dust particles, oils and lotion residues with the help of filters, you need some other chemicals as well, such as the following:

Spa Sanitizers:

You could just turn on your spa filter and relax if it was just minor impurities that were ruining the water quality – unfortunately, that is not the case. Dirty spa water can also act as a breeding ground for microbes such as bacteria. To prevent these microbes from causing diseases, you need to add sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine to your spa water. Killing all microbes, these sanitizers eliminate the chances of infections among spa users.

Acids and Bases:

Spa water needs to have an optimal pH so that the users do not experience any harmful effects due to excess acidity or alkalinity. Sodium carbonate can be added to increase the pH when it is below a normal level. Hydrochloric acid, on the other hand, can help reduce it as per the need.

While you visit online stores looking for Arctic spa filter cartridge replacement, make sure you buy the above mentioned chemicals as well.