Know about Jacuzzi Brothers Pool Filters

Are you extremely excited about the swimming pool you recently installed? But hold on! Have you installed a high quality filter along with your swimming pool? If your are shaking your head right now, this is one big mistake you have made. Installing a branded filter is of utmost importance. Jacuzzi pool filter are reliable products in the market. Read on to know everything about these filters.

Role of Jacuzzi Pool Filter

Filters are undoubtedly an important part of any swimming pool. The filter cartridges trap all the impurities present in the water of the swimming pool and keep the pool water crystal clear. Also, a well-maintained filter ensures smooth flow of water, which in result increases the life of the filter too. Jacuzzi Brothers filters work smoothly and efficiently and function for a long period of time.

Working Pattern of Jacuzzi Pool Filter Cartridge

The pool pump circulates the water of the pool and pushes the dirty water into the filter. The filter cartridges then trap all the impurities that are present in the pool water. Once the water is purified, it is pushed back into the pool and the filter once again circulates the water which gets mixed with the rest of the water. This patterns keeps repeating, and the water of the pool remains crystal clear.

Why to install Jacuzzi Pool Filter products?

Though a number of cheap pool filters cartridges are available in the market, you must not invest in them. Choosing quality pool filter products is the right decision as branded products are reliable and work for a long period of time. Jacuzzi Brothers pool filters are extremely easy to handle, work efficiently and leave the water of your swimming pool crystal clear.

How to Clean the Jacuzzi Pool Filter Cartridge?

Maintaining these filter cartridges is not at all a difficult task. These pool cartridge filter need to be back washed once in every two weeks. Use a garden hose and remove all the dirt that is accumulated on the cartridge. Furthermore, once in every two to three months, deep clean the filter cartridges. Soak the cartridges in a cleaning solution and leave them overnight. Rinse them off the next day.

When to Replace the Jacuzzi Pool Filter Cartridge?

If you find the water of your swimming pool dirty even after you have cleaned your filters, it is certainly time to replace the filter cartridges. Ideally, the cartridges must be replaced once in a year, but, if you take good care of your cartridges, they can function for a longer period of time.