People who own a hot tub or a swimming pool must be well-aware about the parts of the hot tub/pool. One such important part of a spa/pool is the filter. However, only buying a pool filter and installing it is not enough – you must know everything about it, so that you can care for it in an appropriate manner. Read on to know everything that you always wanted to know about a filter.


Why is a filter used?
The water of the spa/ swimming pool becomes dirty and it is certainly unsafe to swim or take a dip in dirty water. When you use the spa/pool, impurities like dust, debris, hair strands, soap pieces, leaves etc. get mixed with the water, thus making it dirty. You cannot keep changing the water of the spa or pool on an everyday basis. To make this work easier for you, you must install a filter. The spa/ swimming pool cartridges trap all the impurities that are present in the water of the spa/pool. One thing that must be kept in mind is that you install a high-quality filter like Dimension One Spa filter.

Variety of filters
Filters of various shapes and sizes are available in the market. Moreover, there are three types of filters available, namely, sand filter, cartridge filters and D.E. filters. Among these, the cartridge filters are the most popular ones. You must keep in mind that you choose a filter according to the size of your swimming pool/spa. If you own a huge pool/spa, and choose a small filter, the purpose will not get solved.

Cleaning and replacing the filter:
Once you have installed a pool filter, you must ensure that you clean the cartridges from time to time. This will prevent the cartridges from getting clogged and they will keep functioning in an efficient manner. However, the filter cartridges cannot work forever, and thus need to be replaced. Also, the filter must be replaced once in a year. When you decide to opt for a spa filter replacement, make sure you choose a filter that complies with the specifications of the original filter.

Knowing everything about your spa/pool will make the task of maintaining the spa/pool easy for you.