Key Tasks of a Responsible Swimming Pool Spa Owner

Maintenance of your swimming pool/spa is important as it keeps you free from all health diseases. Relaxing in crystal clear water not only rejuvenates you, but also allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits of your pool/spa. As a responsible pool/spa owner, it is your duty to perform some tasks on a regular basis. Let us have a look at those tasks.

  • Install a high quality spa/pool filter products: The first thing that should be done by any spa/pool owner is to install a high quality pool or spa filter. The filter traps all the impurities present in the water of the spa/pool and provides crystal clear water to the user. One of the renowned filters are Artesian Spa Filters. If you are thinking you can do away with this step, remember, your and your family's health can be at risk. Taking a dip in dirty water can cause skin diseases.
  • Change the water of your spa/swimming pool: The water of the pool/spa must be changed in every 3 months. Using the same water over and over again can cause skin diseases. Make sure that you drain the entire water of the spa/pool and fill fresh water. Moreover, if too many people use the spa/pool, make sure you change the water more frequently.
  • Clean the filter cartridge: If you are thinking that your work will end once you install a filter, then you cannot sit and relax as these filters need to be cleaned regularly, so that they do not get clogged. The filter cartridges must be backwashed once in a week. Also, they should be deep cleaned in every three months.
  • Replace the filter cartridges: If the water of your spa/pool remains dirty even after cleaning the filters, make sure you do ignore this! This is a clear indication that the cartridges need to be replaced immediately. Make sure you choose a replacement cartridges that matches the specifications of your original filter. Another thing that you must keep in mind is to choose a branded product. You can make an online purchase.

By following the above mentioned tips, you can keep your spa/pool like new for several years.