A spa or a hot tub not only rejuvenates the body but also has various other health benefits which are comparatively unknown. Hot water immersions or a refreshing dip in cold and serene water not only drives away stress but also improves blood circulation tremendously. It has been scientifically proven that hot or cold water immersions help to keep the levels of toxicity in our bodies in check and are often advised to people with joint aches.

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To have a premium spa experience it is important to maintain your spa properly and economically.  Keep a constant check on the level of water hygiene. Before going for the process of water sanitization, it is always advisable to clean your spa with a non-abrasive solution for scrubbing the tough stains; it is better to use a soft rug or a specialized nylon scrubber. The soft surface areas can easily be cleaned by using baking soda and to maintain the look and style of your spa and to keep it as good as new, a spa cover is mandatory. However, even these spa covers can be damaged by UV rays and are also affected by dust and other contaminants. To ensure the longevity of these covers, it is important to wash them with vinyl protector once in a while. For those who wish to install a new hot tub, Aber Hot Tubs are a considerable option as they are preferred widely.

The process of water sanitation ideally begins with balancing the pH scale of the water. Water with high alkaline levels can cause serious harm to our bodily functions while water with high acidic levels can corrode the interiors of your spa and can also harm our vital organs such as eyes. The pH scale of water should ideally be balanced by using chemicals such as Sodium Bisulphate and Sodium Bicarbonate.

The basic cleansing can be done using chemicals such as chlorine but it should be noted that too much of chlorine can also cause irritation in our eyes. To ensure there is no oil or lotion build up and the contaminants are being constantly filtered, it is important to install a spa filter. Aber Hot Tub filters are a good option as they provide effective filtration.

But it should be known that apart from regular maintenance, filters and other spa parts also need timely replacement. Spa replacement parts are easily available and now are even being provided by online stores. These stores also offer algaecides and other cleansing solutions which will definitely enhance your spa experience.

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