Keep Your Pool as Hot as You Want

Unless we are being exposed to scorching heat of summers, we never like to swim in a freezing cold pool water. Doing so has some negative effects on swimmers, both physical and psychological – this is why a swimming pool equipment includes a pool heater along with other components such as filtration unit, pump and lighting.

As a pool owner, one needs to take all the necessary steps in order to ensure cleanliness and clarity of pool water, such as:

  • Using High-Quality Cleaning Products: Cleaning of pool equipment is a necessary step in the maintenance of swimming pools. A lot of people choose Jandy pool filters for this purpose.
  • Replacing Filter Cartridges Regularly: Almost all of us like to keep things as simple as possible, be it regarding pool maintenance or any other task, which is why we choose cartridge filters which happen to have a simpler design when compared to hayward sand filters or DE filters. As a result, pool owners find it very easy to have these filters installed. However, with continued usage, cartridges of these filters develop certain flaws that hamper its efficiency. After about one year, it becomes necessary to replace the cartridge. Jandy Zodiac filter cartridges are an excellent replacement for old or damaged cartridges.


  • Sanitizing Pool Water: Growth of microbes such as algae is a major problem that not only ruins the appearance of your pool but also contaminates pool water. The best way to avoid this trouble is to add sanitizers such as chlorine that can disinfect pool water by killing all microbes.

While the above-mentioned steps help you maintain clean and clear water, those mentioned below will help you maintain heat in your swimming pool:

Use Pool Covers

While using a pool cover, you are not only cutting the chances of water contamination but also preventing the heat loss due to evaporation. A quality pool cover is known to reduce heat loss by about 50 to 70 percent. On the other hand, you can even heat your pool further by using solar cover, and thus minimize the use of electricity in running the pool heater. Also. know the top reasons to use swimming pool cover