Keep Your Cartridges Clean and They’ll Keep Your Spa Cleaner

A spa can definitely be considered as a homely remedy for burgeoning stress, joint-aches and even back pains. It is not an unknown fact that cold and hot water immersions work magic on our tiresome bodies after a long day, but to enjoy your spa to the fullest it is mandatory to keep it prim and proper with regular maintenance.

The process of spa maintenance begins with installation of an appropriate spa filter and ends at timely spa filter replacement. An appropriate filter should be chosen after analyzing your needs and in accordance with the size of your spa; one can choose from three different variants of a spa filter but usually people go for cartridge filters as they are easy to install, clean and maintain, and offer impressive hygiene.

It is fairly easy to clean a pool filter cartridge as one only needs to wash it thoroughly with a garden hose after every fortnight. Do maintain a light and steady pressure and rinse away the chemicals, dust particles and algae which continuously settle on the surface of the cartridge but be careful while applying pressure as excess of it will push the impurities deeper into the cartridge.

After every three months, immerse your cartridge in a non-foaming solution and scrub it lightly with a brush but remember washing detergents can’t replace a non-foaming solution and on the contrary, can even cause damage to the filter. For a more refined cleaning, you can go for acid-wash which involves soaking the cartridge in a mixture of 20 parts of water with one part of muriatic acid. This cleansing process is definitely more effective but at the same time it needs to be carefully conducted.

Following are the few Steps Which You Must Follow Before Considering Acid Washing

  • Backwash your cartridge thoroughly before beginning with acid-washing.
  • Read all the instructions carefully.
  • Carefully prepare the solution, and do not mix chlorine with acid.

While choosing a filter cartridge, keep the volume and surface area in mind and carefully figure out the filter capacity that would best suit your spa or pool. Filters can easily be bought through online stores; these stores have a wide range of products from different brands and one can choose L A Spa filters to products from a variety of other manufacturers.

Recommended Product

Unicel C 5621 is a replacement cartridge that has technical specifications of Filbur# FC 3091 and OEM# C5621. It has a molded cone handle on the top and a 1 15/16 inch hole at the bottom. This 11 7/8 inch long and 5 3/16 inch wide cartridge effectively rids pool or spa water from dust particles, algae and other impurities.