A luxurious backyard pool or a personalized spa attracts the attention of many people, but all this can go in vain if it is not maintained and cleaned properly. More than anything else, it is your personal health that is put on stake if the water of the pool and spa is not filtered at regular intervals. Purifying water becomes very easy when you know how to select the right kind of filter. Here are a few filters among which you can choose.

Apollo Swimming Pool Filter Parts

Unicel 7CH-322: It is important to feel fresh each time you step into your spa. You can experience this amazing feeling if you filter the water from time to time with this replacement filter that has specifications of Filbur FC-0420, Unicel 7CH-322, Pleatco PAS35-2 and OEM 100520. This filter has a length of 8” and its width is 7”. The top of the filter has a semi circular handle and the bottom has a 2” hole, which makes the filter a great choice.

Unicel 6CH-502: This replacement filter cartridge has specifications like OEM # 6CH502, Pleatco # PAS50SV-F2M, Filbur # FC-0311and Unicel # 6CH-502. The filter is made of superior material and is cited to be one of the finest filtering products. This high-end performance offering filtering product has the ability of handling a top load of 50 Sq. Ft. The top of the filter has a semi circular handle and the bottom has a 2” open hole. Making it easy to install is its 8” length and 6 ¾” width.

Unicel 8CH-102: If you are looking for a replacement filter cartridge that purifies water in the best possible manner, that too at economical prices, this is where your search comes to an end. The replacement filter cartridge with a hole of 2” at the bottom and a semi-circular handle at the top is a great product that provides protection against worms, sand, dust, etc for you pool water. It comes with technical specifications like OEM # 2540-381, Pleatco # PSD95, Filbur# FC-2781 and Unicel # 8CH-102 and handles the top load of 95 sq ft. The length of the filter is 15 1/2" and the width is 8”.

The market is loaded with innumerable brands of filters and choosing cartridges amongst various brands can at times be a troublesome task. With the above mentioned Artesian Spa Filters, choose a filter that matches your requirement.