When we talk about how we can keep our spa and swimming pool clean, the only method that strikes the mind is by filtration. There is no doubt that quality spa filters and pool filters keep the water of the pool and spa free from impurities, but not many people know that they alone do not carry out the task. We bring to you five easy steps that can help in keeping your spa and pool free of all impurities.

impurities in water

  • Circulation of water: Many people fail to understand the importance of circulation of water in a spa or pool. You might have installed a high quality filter, but till the time the water of the spa or pool does not circulate, the water does not get cleaned thoroughly. To circulate the water in an even manner, a pump must be installed along with a filter. When a pump is installed in a spa or a pool, the pump circulates the entire water and pushes it into the filter. The water is then cleaned by the filter and thrown back into the spa or pool. Also, since the water keeps circulating, there are less chances of growth of algae or bacteria.
  • Filtration of the water: Installing a filter that performs efficiently is of utmost importance. Caldera Spa Filters is a renowned and trusted name in the market. Once your cartridges stop performing, you can opt for Caldera Spa replacement cartridges and enjoy uninterrupted services. The filter cartridges trap all the impurities that are present in the water and push back crystal clear water back into the pool or spa.
  • Cleaning the pool/spa:Cleaning the surface of the pool or the spa is certainly a good idea, but that does not mean that it has to be performed on a daily basis. Scrub the surface, corners and edges of pool or the spa once in a week, so that all the stains and the dirt that gets accumulated gets cleaned.
  • Test the chemical level: Always check the level of chemical in the water of your spa or pool. Keeping a regular check on factors like total alkalinity, pH level of water and calcium hardness will ensure that the water of the spa or pool is safe for a dip. This act needs to be preformed at least 2-3 times in a week.
  • Maintaining the pool: Activities like shocking the pool, cleaning the filters, checking the chemical balance, oxidation etc. help in maintaining a pool/spa. A well-maintained spa or pool lasts for a long period of time and ensures the user that he/she is taking a dip in safe water.

By following the above mentioned simple steps, you can keep the water of your spa or swimming pool crystal clear and free of impurities.