Keep Pool Troubles Away With Cartridge Pool Filters

Water treatment in swimming pools is often considered to be an arduous task and more often than not customers are confused by the jargons like pH level, alkalinity etc. On the contrary, pool maintenance can be really easy if appropriate steps are followed-

  • To begin with all the plant debris or impurities which can be manually cleaned should be removed.
  • The second step is to add cleaning chemicals to get rid of bacteria, algae or any other microscopic impurities. Chlorine is popularly used as an effective cleansing agent. It is available in the form of tablets, granules or can even be found in bottles. 1-inch chlorine tablets are advisable for spas or small swimming pools as these tablets tend to dissolve quickly.
  • It must be noted that chlorine is destroyed and is rendered less effective under the sun. Hence, chlorine should preferably be added during the night or to avoid this, a cyanuric acid can be used as stabilizing agent.
  • Once, the water has got rid of algae and bacteria then its quality needs to be balanced. Water in any swimming pool should be neutral in terms of pH as a pH level indicates that the alkalinity level in water is too high and this can cause harm to our various bodily functions. While a low pH level indicates that the water is acidic which is extremely harmful to our skin.
  • To neutralize the pH level chemicals like Sodium Bisulphate and Sodium Carbonate can be used.
  • It is important to know that cleansing chemicals aren’t sufficient for complete cleanliness and installation of pool filters is mandatory.

It should be noted that there are mainly three types of pool filters namely D.E. pool filters, sand pool filters and cartridge pool filters. However, being the easiest to use and maintain, cartridge filters are a favorite among pool owners. These filters can easily be cleaned with a garden hose and this practice is advisable fortnightly. For a better cleaning, cartridge filters can be soaked in non-foaming cleaning solutions but it should be duly noted that detergents should not be used for the same purpose.

Unlike the swimming pool filter cartridges, D.E. filters are difficult to maintain and sand filters don’t provide effective cleaning as it has been they often miss out on microscopic impurities.

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