Dreammaker Spa Filters

Blue Ridge spas by Jacuzzi are one of the most popular spas and if you too are willing to locate one of these spas, you have certainly made an amazing choice. Along with durable spas, the brand also offers quality pool filter products that can help you maintain your spa for years. Filter cartridges and Jacuzzi pool filter are reliable products of the brand. Always ensure that you install top-notch filters, so that your spa water is always free of impurities. Many people buy a spa, but are not aware of the precautions that need to be taken while locating the spa. Here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind before locating your Blue Ridge spa.

When You Plan to Locate the Spa Outdoor

  • Once you have decided to locate the spa outdoor, make sure that the spa is located at a considerable distance from the fence, electrical and power lines.
  • Whether you are opting for above ground spa or under ground spa, the spa should be at an adequate height and should be covered so that no mishaps take place.
  • While locating the spa, pay attention to factors like exposure of sun, lighting, shielding and direction of wind.
  • There should be provision of a proper drainage system. The water that is drained out should flow away from the equipment.
  • While placing the spa, make sure you choose a firm surface that is leveled. This will ensure that the spa is located firmly. An uneven surface is extremely risky,

When You Plan to Locate the Spa Indoor

  • While locating a spa indoor, utmost attention should be paid to the drainage. There should be a proper draining system as any leakage can result in the damage to the interiors of the house.
  • The flooring on which the spa will be located, should have the capacity to support 90 pounds per square foot.
  • When the spa will be in use, the spa vessel will allow the water and chemicals to escape. Make sure you do not place any material near the spa because the water or the chemicals that escape might damage the material kept near the spa.
  • The objects kept in the room where the spa is being located should have the capacity of standing high levels of humidity. To prevent much damage to the objects make sure that there is proper ventilation within the room.