It is fundamental for swimming pools that the filter that is brought to use for executing filtration be cleaned regularly and its dirt rinsed out. This is being normally done by soaking the filtering medium in a cartridge cleaner. Mostly muriatic acid is brought to use for the purpose. As the dirt start to leave the cartridge filament surface, the medium is then washed with water to get rid of all impurities that clog its surface. The cartridge filter is used for execution of ceaseless filtration and this is what makes it so captivating.

The usefulness of the filter is being realized. Water can be used to rinse off dirt and debris from the cartridge filter element. There is no need to make use of a spray nozzle. Using sprays can actually drive the dirt particles deep inside the filament. Just washing with water releases the loose particle. Then the cartridge can be immersed in an acid or alkaline solution overnight. Using such a solution breaks down the oils and lotions that trap dirt and hold them on the cartridge surface. Thus all compounds that form within the cartridge due to chemical reactions gets removed and wiped out. Hence, the filter becomes clean and ready for reuse. Such is the beauty of cartridge filters.

This type of filter is manufactured by good brands like Hayward, Astral and Jacuzzi. So, with installation of filters of such good brands it becomes possible to make amazing pool systems that remain clean throughout a season.