To keep the swimming pool free from all impurities, one should install a quality pool filters. It is recommended to install a filter that is durable, reliable and should have the capability of functioning efficiently for a long period of time. Jandy spa filter is one such name in the spa and pool industry that possesses all the above mentioned qualities.

Much has already been said about the kinds of filters available, but it is important to choose the right kind of filter for your pool. Jandy products are a reliable name and offer high quality products and parts. Choose a filter that suits your requirement – sand filter, DE or cartridge filter. A pool owner needs to access the kind of filter that will suit his pool, and make a choice accordingly. Amongst the kinds of pool filters available, cartridge filters are the most preferred ones as they are easy to install and maintain. Also, their effective functioning keeps the pool water purified and the pool healthy for a long time. When Jandy pool filter products get clogged with the impurities present in the water, the pool owner simply needs to backwash the filter in order to remove the impurities.


Jandy pool filters have been in the market since 1950’s and they are the invention of Andrew Pansini. The company initially hit the market with their wide range of products like heaters, controls, pumps, heat pumps and automatic filters. Each product is designed using the latest technology which insures the pool owner the best purification of pool water. One of the unique features of Jandy pool filters is its quiet technology. The filters of other brands make noise while functioning, but Jandy pool filters perform the task of pool water purification in a quiet manner.

If you are looking for Jandy pool products or spa filters, you can choose them online. It is recommended to always shop from a reputed website as it would be reliable and also the products available on the site would be authentic. Another benefit that you get from shopping online is that you can avail the products at a much lesser price than the ones available in a retail shop. If you are worried about how you can choose the right fit according to your requirements, go through the product description mentioned alongside every product. The online retailers provide the entire information about the product, which makes choosing the right product an easy task.

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