Swimming pool pump and filter is required for the purpose of heating and filtering in every swimming pool. It is important that the right components are chosen according to your pool type. Before choosing the pool pump and filter, research should be done about the functionality and capacity of the device being chosen.

intex pool pumps & filters

Role of the Pool Filter and Pump

  • Pool filters and pumps are responsible for water circulation by filtering and heating. They combine efficiency as much as possible, at low cost energy levels. Only a suitable pool filter and pump will be able to accomplish this for your swimming pool, so an appropriate selection is important.
  • Proper upkeep of these swimming pool components is as important, as bringing together various parts of the pool filter and pump, at the right pace of the flow of water. Before buying the product, ensure that its efficiency is compatible with the size of your swimming pool.
  • In addition to the right horsepower, efficiency of the pump in water circulation, plays a major role in the maintenance of swimming pools. Some brand names offer higher capacity pumps that consume lower amounts of power. Intex is one such established brand that develops state-of-the-art technology to produce quality pumps. The company offers a wide variety of intex pool replacement filter cartridges types and pool pumps for different pool sizes.

Pool Filter

The adequate performance of pumps strongly depends upon the functioning and quality of filters. The problem occurs when swimming pool filter cartridges have to be cleaned. This problem differs from filter to filter. The most convenient method of determining good functioning of pool filters cartridges is by examining the filter's pressure indicator. A pool filter that is functioning properly will generally have low pressure, as it allows the pump to distribute more water and get rid of unwanted materials. It is easy to prolong the life of the pump by making sure that the pool filter cartridges are functioning properly. Buy pool filter cartridges in USA, to ensure efficient cleaning of your swimming pool.

Pool Pump

The first thing to keep in mind is the pump functionality, as well as the brand name of the pump. Sometimes, even very effective pumps consume lots of power. A pool pump becomes a power consuming device, at an average of 3/4 HP. Intex provides good choices in pool pumps according to your pool size.