interesting facts about the most popular filter the de filter

When you think of swimming pools or even a Jacuzzi or a hot tub, you immediately concoct many happy memories around that - may be as kids you splashed around in your gym pool for hours or may be your parents threw many pool parties for their friends or better still, you and your partner love to take a mid night dip in the Jacuzzi - Well, the reasons are many to enjoy the cool water on a sunny evening or a balmy afternoon. But can you imagine these memories being marred by dirty waters or slimy things on the swimming pool floor? Imagine if you go for a nice H2O Spa treatment and the Spa has unclean water or may be you go for a lap in your gym pool and the floors are slippery and greenish in color? Will it not put you off? In fact, it will put off any one - not just that, people/swimmers/users can be infected with some serious diseases, illness or skin allergies if the water is not up to the hygiene standards or the sanitation levels are not maintained!

Thus, one of the best types of filtration systems is the DE Type! It is one of the costliest and may be the best filtration process available in the market today. Diatomaceous Earth Filters has small diatom particles that filter put all the debris - in fact, even as small as 5 microns - which is near impossible for any other filtration system or process. Because of the fossils of the microorganisms, even the minutest particles cannot escape this filtration system. Thus, if you have a Spa or a posh pool, use this type of de filter grids and extremely clean water.

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