Having a swimming pool in your backyard or maybe even a Jacuzzi, is any one`s dream come true. Many memories are attached and revolve around this water body of the house - kids pool party, couple`s midnight dip, barbeque near the pool etc. But do you think your friends will appreciate an unclean pool or your kids will have fun in dirty water pool? The answer is a clear no!

Thus, installing a pool can be a tedious process and involves a lot of activities. It means installing a filter too. If you need help and advice, visit us at Pool Filters - at Pool Filters for details, products and services. Debris like sand or bird poop can be troublesome and thus, you need a good filtration system to make sure the sanitation and hygiene levels are met:

Sand Filters

Just as the name suggests, the filter has a sand layer to it which filters away all sand and debris. It is one of the oldest methods and ways to make sure that the water is clean and clear. The sand forms a great filter layer. Dirty water passes through this layer and only the clean and clear water is allowed to pass through and enter the pool. Needless to say, it requires cleaning and back washing on regularly basis

Cartridge Filters

One of the cheapest and most common filters available in the market today! Cartridge life is long and the best part is you can replace cheap cartridges as and when necessary. Water passes through the cartridge which sieves away all dirt and debris and allows only clean water to pass through!

So, depending on your budget and the type of pool and may be even your requirements, decide of which filtration system is the best for you! For more details, log on to Pool Filters for details!