Owing a backyard swimming pool is certainly a matter of pride. However, the actual challenge lies in its proper maintenance and upkeep. While many things are required to keep the pool clean, pool filters still remains the most important aspect of the entire pool filtration system. It is therefore essential to install Pleatco pool filters that are designed with proper filtration technology.

As a matter of fact, swimming pool and spa environment are perfect breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, dirt and contaminants caused as a result of poor filtration can promote the growth of these tiny micro-organisms.

These days the market is flooded with pool filters of different brands but in order to make an educated choice, it is essential to see whether the end capsare anti-bacteria or not. Pleatco Antimicrobial End-caps are framed to endure chlorine degradation.  In fact, they are 100% Antimicrobial which inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria.

Pool filters offered by Pleatcoare designed using advanced technology and using the finest materials to provide you with cleanand hygienic pool water. However, keeping in view the health of our customers, Pleatco has designed an even better product i.e. Pleatco Plus, which is made from an anti-bacteria media, which further prevents bacteria from growing inside your pool and spa.

As compared to other brands where low quality bands fall off and result in collapsed pleats which decreases the life span of a filter, Pleatco’s break-resistant bands keep the pleats clearly defined and uniformlyalienated for increased water flow.

We at Pool Filters offer pool filters of different brands including Hayward, Pentair, Pleatco and more. Browse through our site pool filters, to have a glimpse at our products and services.