Pool owners know the importance of installing quality pool filter products in their spa or pool, but not many are aware of the significance of replacing the filter after a certain amount of time. In order to save money, swimming pool owners use worn out filters without being aware of the consequences that may occur because of extended use of an old filter.

An overused filter not only shows low performance levels, resulting in dirty and cloudy water but also puts lot of unnecessary pressure on the pump, which might harm the pump in a longer duration. It is crucial to understand that replacement of a pump can prove to be a lot more expensive than the replacement of a pool filter.

replacement pool filter cartridge

Replacing cartridge pool filters not only improves the performance, but also increases the endurance and life of the filter system. Though regular maintenance enhances the longevity of pool filters, replacement of cartridge filter with a new one keeps the entire filter system in good shape.

There are different kinds of replacement cartridges available these days, some with the same specifications and others with different ones. This gives consumers the freedom to select as per their requirement and needs.

Pleatco spa filters , Filbur replacement filters, have filtration fabric that is able to trap dirt and debris that festers in your water. This prevents growth of bacteria in your pool, making the water free from all kinds of pollutants, which helps in providing you with a great spa or pool experience.

They are known to suit different spa filters as well. It is however, advised to buy pool filter cartridges in USA, as there is more availability of quality pool filters.

The best thing is that there is no hassle involved in replacement. In fact, replacement of a cartridge filter is a simple process and does not need exact measurements, model number or configurations. These filters are made as per OEM specifications and they perform at par with the initial filter, at a price much lower than the original filter. These filters can be conveniently purchased from a retail store or through online dealers.