Install Jacuzzi Filter Replacement Cartridges in Your Spa to Prolong the Life of Your Filter

In order to maintain the water quality of your hot tub spa or swimming pool, it is very important to have a good filtration system installed. A dirty, clogged or worn-out filter cannot fulfil its job of trapping dirt and contaminants. Moreover, when filters get worn out, they put unwanted pressure on the pump and other equipment. The water circulation gets reduced and lot of energy too gets wasted.

Besides ensuring regular cleaning of your filters, it is recommended to replace them annually if it is a pool filter or every 3 months if it is a spa-filter. This ensures that your warranty is protected and there is regular flow of clean and sanitized pool water. Cartridge filters and replacement filter cartridge from Jacuzzi are ideal for your pool or hot tub.

Cartridge filters of this brand have superior quality polyester filtration media that results in longer filter life and better water quality. Moreover, the presence of sharp pleat folds increases the rate of water flow while ensuring easy cartridge cleaning. Jacuzzi spa filter cartridge feature reinforced end caps that have Antimicrobial protection from bacteria and mould.

Howsoever, premium quality these filters are after a certain period of time, they begin to show signs of rupture. This is when your filter requires replacement. Jacuzzi filters besides offering original filters also offers replaceable pool cartridge filter element. The compatible filters of this brand offer similar or at times even better performance than the original ones and that too at discounted prices.

We at Pool Filters offer pool and spa filters along with other pool maintenance products. We offer products from leading brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Jacuzzi and many more. Unlike other retailers, who offer filters with poor filtration characteristics and are thus subject to premature failure, Filters and other accessories offered by us are of extremely high quality. Moreover, we offer warranty on all our products.