Cartridge pool filters have a definite edge over traditional filters like the sand and D.E filters in terms of maintenance, affordability and efficiency.

Pool maintenance is one of the most important duties of a pool owner. The health of a swimmer is of primary concern and hence the hygiene and cleanliness of the pool should be properly maintained. Therefore, finding the best pool filters for your pool becomes an essential aspect of the pool maintenance plan.

We at offer an assortment of cartridge pool filters as well as pool accessories for the maintenance of swimming pools. We are keeper of high-quality brands and we only ship high-quality pool filters and equipment to our customers.

Cartridge filters offered by us are very easy to operate and maintain. Since, these filters are built from pleats of polyester dirt and dust particles easily get coagulated on the filter surface which can then be removed easily.

Likewise, the installation of the cartridge pool filters offered by us for the purpose of cleaning the swimming pool can be done without much hassle. Moreover, the filter which gets clogged with dirt and contaminants over a period of time can be easily reused as they can be easily cleaned up by soaking the filter in a muriatic acid solution and then rinsing it off with water by making use of a garden hose and soft bristle brush.

Some of the leading brands of pool filter cartridges offered by us include sta-rite, Pentair, Haywards, and many more. These filters remove impurities as small as 10 microns and ensure better sanitization and maintenance of the pool.

Cartridge pool filters offered by us have larger area filtration area as compared to traditional filters as larger area means much longer periods between cleanings. At we offer cartridge pool filters that will not just maintain high level of pool water clarity but are also very affordable.