Owing a backyard swimming pool is certainly a matter of pride and offers lot of enjoyment during summers. However, an ill maintained swimming pool can be nothing less than a nightmare. Whether you owe an in-ground or an above- ground swimming pool regular maintenance should be ensured in order to maintain the hygiene as well as sanitation of pool. It is therefore necessary to install high quality pool filters that would prevent your pool from going septic.

Installing a cartridge pool filter in your swimming pool can be a prudent decision as it effectively cleans the pool water of all sorts of dirt and contaminants including that of the most microscopic ones. These filters have become the preferred choice of pool owners owing to their low cost of maintenance, high affordability besides extraordinary performance.

Designed with advanced technology, these filters have overcome the drawbacks of conventional filters, relieving the users from the hassle of backwashing or refilling D.E matter. The cartridge filtering element is made up of numerous pleats of corrugated paper or polyester. The impurities get trapped amongst these pleats and continue to remain there until you replace it or wash it away.

The best part of these filters is that these filters come with replaceable element, which is certainly not an option in other type of pool filters. So, when your cartridge filtering element gets depreciated, you can replace them with replacement parts that offer performance at par or even better than the original ones. In fact, leading brands like Pentair, Hayward and more manufacture cartridge filters as well as replacement parts.

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