New Filtration method is not really abstruse for pool users to understand. What is more important is that the technology works and even if someone is unable to grasp the ways in which it works, what is important is that the water used in swimming pools become magnificently clean and clear. With the installation of cartridge filters, the water gets cleansed completely from suds, minerals, algae and micro-organisms.

The cartridges used are made up of polyesters like polyethylene and polypropylene and they serve as magnificent pool filter parts for coagulating everything that remain suspended in the water of pool systems. The cartridge filter is found to be a marvelous pool cleaner and in-fact without this filter part it is very difficult for people to keep their ponds clean and safe.

It is always a good choice to buy pool filter products like an Intex Cartridge filter or a Doughboy Pool filter. Once these products are installed there is no possibility for any extraneous matter to remain suspended in pond systems. The cartridge coagulates up-to 5 microns of dirt particles and hence the filter is capable of depositing all suspended impurities on its surface.

The impurities then can be removed by flushing with water and muriatic acid solutions. Whenever cleaning is executed, it can be completed very soon and henceforth the clean cartridges can be reinstalled in the filter and the filtration system restarted.

This method of cleaning keeps the pond system clean and vivid. Now, there is no more the need of backwashing and refilling with worn out DE elements. Pool systems can be used on a continuous basis.