Using cartridge filter in pool system for a considerable period of time leads to the rupture and deterioration of the cartridge brought to use with the passage of time. The indications for the exhaustion of cartridge used in filters have some determining factors.

Shortening of cleaning cycle time is a very important indication of coagulation of the filtering medium. The other factors that point toward contamination of cartridges are low water flow rate and high differential pressure. The third is an indication of a catastrophic failure that involves wear and tear of the media or collapse of the central core. All these factors of disappointment are dependent on the chemistry of pool water and routine maintenance of pool filter parts.

The installation of say a Harmsco Swimming Pool filter may prove to be very beneficial for keeping ponds safe and clean. But this is not all that is required. The users need to keep a regular tab on the condition of the cartridge placed inside the filter. It is only the cartridge filtering medium that plays the major role in coagulating impurities found in pool water. So, their stability and maintenance become very important. For this reason, pool-users need to remove the cartridges whenever filter pressure rises and then properly clean them with water and muriatic acids. This done regularly keeps the filtering medium safe and sound.

The cartridge filter is a very good alternative for pool cleaning and is a good replacement of the old filtering systems. It nullifies the need of backwashing pools. Pond-users only need to make sure that they maintain their filters for sustaining efficiency levels.