Whether you owe an in-ground or an above ground swimming pool, you surely must have installed a pool filter to maintain the water clarity and hygiene. However, if your pool filter is offering marginal or not so good performance then it is time to replace your pool with a better and an advanced option. Pool filters Cartridge have become the most preferred choice of pool owners owing to the low cost of maintenance, high affordability and high performance in terms of pool filtration.

Although, these filters offer high end performance, you need to take care of certain things to augment the filtering ability of your cartridge filter. You need to look for cracks or rips in the ends of your cartridge or the pleats, if the dirt and debris bypass your filter cartridge. Besides this you can check the placement of internal parts for cracks or missing O rings.

Ensure regular cleaning of your cartridge filter by thoroughly rinsing with water or by soaking the cartridge element in muriatic acid solution in order to do away with the mineral deposits, or oily substances like suntan oil, cosmetics, hair care products and body oils which otherwise can clog the fine pores of a filter cartridge.

We at pool filters offer both in ground and above ground cartridge pool filters that combine high quality filtration with an affordable price. Cartridge filters offered by us have a large filter area and therefore clog less frequently. Moreover, filters offered by us require to be cleaned once or twice a season, and are therefore a great option for anybody who wants to save extra time and energy when it comes to pool maintenance.

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