A filter installed in your spa can do wonders and can last for years if maintained in the right manner. One of the reliable products available in the market are the Dimension One Spa filters. These filters have been built with great care and they can purify the water of your spa in the best possible manner. Spa filters need to be cleaned from time to time but while doing so, you need to be extremely careful. Here are few tips to improve the efficiency of your cartridge filters.


  • Do not over clean: This might come as a surprise to you but it is a fact that a filter cartridge that is a little dirty traps more dirt. Surprising but true! Another surprising fact is that as many times as you clean the filter, the fibers of the cartridges loosen up, thereby reducing the ability to trap the dirt present in the water. When you start your filter, note down the starting pressure and when you notice a rise in the pressure gauge of around 8-10 lbs over the actual reading, consider cleaning your filter cartridges.
  • Be gentle while cleaning: It is important to use a lot of water while cleaning the spa filters but make sure that the water pressure is not too high. Never use a pressure washer to clean the filter cartridges as the force of the water stream might damage the cartridge.
  • Make use of a larger cartridge: By saying make use of a large cartridge, we do not mean a cartridge that is large in size, but a cartridge that has a larger square feet filter area. You can increase the surface of the filter by adding more folds or pleats in the cartridge. This will also increase the life of the filter cartridge.
  • Make use of a microban cartridge: While searching for a filter cartridge, look for microban cartridges. These cartridges provide the best protection against algae, bacteria and mold. When filters purify the water of the spa, the microbes start surviving deep within the fabrics of the fibers. This can result in early damage of the filter cartridges. Opting for a microban cartridge will not only keep your swimming pool free of microbes, but will also increase the life of the filter cartridge.

A huge number of spa and swimming pool filter products are available in the market and when you take good care of your products, any product can become long-lasting and can prove to be efficient.