Clean A Pool-Spa Filter Cartridge

Filter cleaning is an essential part of pool and spa maintenance that often is overlooked. While Baleen Filters are priced low enough that many treat them as disposable, however they’re actually washable. Rinse and reuse baby! Baleen brand filters should be cleaned every 8 to 12 weeks for optimum filtration efficiency and extended longevity (which can vary depending on how dirty the spa or pool is).

Why Clean a Filter – Well, when a filter is overloaded with debris and oils, the system has to work harder. If the system works harder, the energy bill is higher. Additionally, the system is stressed more than necessary when a filter is dirty, which cuts down on overall system lifespan. Here’s the thing, a pool or spa filter gets pretty disgusting. Think about it, how deeply rinsed off are those entering your pool or spa? Where were they prior, and what were they doing? Every oil, every skin flake, every microbe, is thrust off bodies and into the water that you swim and relax in...OKAY, that is why the next part is important…Water flows at a high rate from the spa or pool into the filtration system where it meets the filter to be Baleen Clean’d. This is where the good stuff happens. The glorious and necessary BALEEN CLEAN good stuff.

Baleen Filters are designed to restrict even the smallest particles without pressure drop. The one of a kind design creates micro-pockets for ultra efficient BALEEN CLEAN filtration. This unique fabric also bonds to harmful oils that damage tile, plaster, vinyl liners, and gunk up pool/spa filtration systems. Crisp uniform pleats are supported by thick ANCHOR BANDS for reliable strength. Baleen fabric is uniquely durable to withstand high temperatures and the deepest cleaning. Cheap alternatives need to be replaced more often and are more costly to run due to pressure drop while Baleen Filters are engineered to be superior.

A reminder that a superior washable Baleen filter will remove more than your previous filters have. You may need to clean the filter more often in the beginning while your system adapts to its new stronger filter. We would apologize but did you really want all that extra junk in your pool?

Now that you know why it’s important to clean a filter and which brand is most reliable for the health of your family and pool; it's time to talk about how to best clean a filter. Baleen Jet Brush, Baleen SCUM MAGNET and Baleen INSTANT ALL-IN-ONE Cleaner & Degreaser Spray are the perfect combination to keep your pool and spa clean. In our next article, we will explain how these filter cleaning products work and why they are so important to your pool/spa routine.