Many people today own a spa and use it regularly. They also need to maintain their spas properly. Here we explain the importance of choosing spa replacement parts of high quality.

While you wish to enjoy your spa to the fullest, you may not be dedicating ample time and effort for its care and maintenance. Contaminants like dirt, microbes and organic matter such as oils, spoil the quality of water in your spa thus making it unsafe for those who use it. As these impurities build up, it gets harder to remove them. Furthermore, microbes in spa water can cause infections if ignored. Even high-quality hot tubs such as Emerald Spa Filters, need an efficient filtration system to keep spa water clean and clear.
Advantages of Using Cartridge Filters:

Spa filters are broadly classified into three major types namely cartridge filters, sand filters and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. As the names specify, the first type uses a cylindrical object known as cartridge for filtration purpose. Latter two types use sand and diatomaceous earth respectively for the same. There are certain advantages of choosing cartridge filter over other two types, such as the following:

  • Compared to other two types, cartridge filters are easier to install and thus save your time.
  • A routine known as back washing, needs to be carried out in order to clean sand filters and DE filters. Cartridge filter does not need any such routine. You just have to remove its cartridge and clean it.

As a responsible spa owner, you should take every measure to keep your spa parts in good condition. One of the most important tasks in spa maintenance is cleaning of crucial parts of spa equipment such as spa filter and pump. While cleaning these parts, you should also check them for flaws and replace them if they cannot be repaired. For instance, spa filter replacement is necessary in following situations:

  • Color of your spa filter has changed to brown, green or gray
  • Despite regular cleaning, your filter has a light beige color
  • Your spa filter has cracks or leaks on its top or bottom section
  • Actual element is damaged

Regardless of the spa part you are dealing with, you should choose spa replacement parts of good quality. Several problems can be avoided by using spa equipment from reputed brands.