It is a common sight to see evenly spaced bands on pool filter cartridges. These bands, usually made of spun-bound polyester designed in a pleated fashion, are woven round the circumference of the cartridge. These are support bands which are put on pool filter cartridges.

Waterway Filter Cartridge

Importance of Bands

The bands are important for the proper functioning of the poolfilters by holding the pleats in place. The main reason behind the installation of bands is to prevent pleat flutter which is usually caused by turbulence and lot of water that takes place in the canister during the purification cycle. Besides this, bands help in proper pleat spacing and make cleaning and maintenance of cartridge filters easier.

Loose or broken bands

Not all filters require bands. Usually, it is the large sized waterway pool filter cartridges that have bands and not the small sized ones. The bands are glued on to the cartridge filter at the time of manufacturing. It may also be that in due course of time, after prolonged use, the bands breaks. This is not the end of the life of the cartridge filter. It is an indication that the cartridge needs to be replaced soon. But if several of the bands are broken in your filter cartridge, it is time to change the filter immediately. Unicel C-8417 is one such popular cartridge filter widely demanded in the market today to replace the old cartridge filter. In unicel pool filter cartridge there are many bands which are uniformly spaced to provide better filtering.

Handle cartridge filter carefully

It is, therefore, very essential to handle the cartridge filter with bands with care. On a well-made cartridge, the bands rarely break or come loose when used normally. However, rough handling or acid soaking can make the bands break and sometimes even separate from the filter.

Buying tip for Waterway Filter Cartridges

When buying a new pool filter, check for adhesion in the cartridge by placing your thumb between the pleats and under the band.  A good quality filter cartridge is one in which the band is firmly attached and cannot be separated easily.  Things to consider When Buying A Replacement Filter Cartridge