To enjoy a relaxing splash into the pool water, it is important to keep the water of the pool clean at all times. One of the best ways to keep the water of the pool dirt-free, is by installing a high-quality pool filter. Also, to keep the filter functioning, it is important to clean the filter from time to time. Once you have installed a pool, it's time to select a pool filter. The first thing that strikes the mind is which pool filter should be selected. You can find three types of pool filters in the market, namely, sand filters, cartridge filters and D.E filters. Which filter to select depends on the choice of the pool owner, however, the most recommended filters are the cartridge filters.


Once you have made up your mind, you must decide the filter's brand. Always make sure that you choose a filter that is made of high-quality and delivers top-notch performance. Jandy products are trusted by millions of users and is one of the renowned brands. The brand has been in the market since 1950's. Jandy pool filters were invented by Andrew Pansini who is also the inventor of automatic swimming pool cleaners. Apart from filters, various other Jandy pool products like heaters, heat pumps, controls etc. are available in the market. Each and every Jandy product part is designed using the latest technology, so that the user can be assured of great performance.

Jandy pool filters have the capability of trapping all the impurities present in the water of the pool. Even the minute dirt that cannot be seen with the naked eye can be easily trapped by these filter cartridges. Cleaning the filters is a big hassle for some pool owners, but once you have installed Jandy pool filters, you can remain tension free as these filters are extremely easy to maintain and clean. All you need to do is backwash the cartridges once in two weeks and conduct a deep cleaning session once in every three months.

Also, finding these filters is not at all a difficult task. These filters are extremely popular and can be found at any traditional pool shop or can be found on an online shopping site dealing with pool products and accessories. While shopping online, always ensure that you choose products from a reputed shopping site as they will offer you branded products.