As a pool owner, you need to make sure that your pool water is clean and safe for swimming. You can make use of various cleaning materials to keep your pool water clean and sparkling. Read on to know more.

In a bid to provide your clients with uninterrupted pool fun, it is necessary for you to clean your pool water at regular intervals. Unclean water can create lots of heath hazards. Apart from spreading diseases, a dirty pool will  make your pool look unattractive. Hence, it should be in your routine to clean the wall and floor of the pool. Besides, checking the pH value of your pool water is a must, if you want to make the pool safe for the swimmers.

It is to be noted that out of all the cleaning material, pool filter and swimming pool filter cartridges play a significant role in cleaning your pool water. For this, pool owners need to buy pool filter products of reputed brands. There are various renowned brand for pool filters in the market such as Intex pool filters, Sta rite pool filters, etc. Similarly, for cartridges, you can go for a trusted brand like Unicel replacement filter cartridge.

A test kit will be required for checking the quality of your pool water. The kit will help you gauge and know the pH level and the ingredients of other minerals as well. It will also enable you to maintain a good level of acid and alkalinity to make the water healthy and safe for the swimmers. This test kit can be availed either in the form of liquid or tablet based as per your choice.

Moreover, you can use nets for floating debris from your pool water. Both deep and shallow nets are available in the market, and you can avail one as per your convenience. You can attach these nets to a telescopic aluminum pole for removing the floating dirt.

Recommended Product

Unicel C 4305: This replacement filter comes with a length of 4 7/8 inches length and 4 width of 15/16 inches. It is featured with an opening hole of 2 1/8" both at the top and bottom. Unicel C-4305 can help you prevent your pool water from all kinds of debris as it is made using high-quality material. Besides, you will find this filter very easy in terms of installation.