How To Vacuum Your Pool Manually With Few Easy Steps

The purpose of this blog is to give you information on how you can vacuum your pool manually in a few simple and easy steps and the tools you need to do the job right.

Often times you need to vacuum the pool to clear and get rid of any algal growth happening in your pool.

Keep your pool gunk free by maintaining and vacuuming it right. You will need specific tools for this purpose, a pool vacuum head, telescoping pole, vacuum hose, and a vacuum plate.

Understanding the tools and how they function is essential. Here's a quick description of the required tools -

Pool Vacuum Head:

These are made to snap on to the end of the pool cleaning poles. Make sure these are weighted so as to stay on the pool floor and don't start floating.

Different types of pool surfaces will need a different type of pool vacuum head. Don't forget to check this before making the purchase.

Telescoping Pole:

These should have a universal connection to skimmers, nets and hooks.

Vacuum Hose:

These should also have a universal connection to attach with all the systems. Make sure you purchase one that's long enough to reach every corner of your pool.

Vacuum Plate:

A vacuum plate will eliminate the need to turn the pool pump on and off. It's a useful tool that allows you to use skimmer basket in place of pump strainer basket.

Now that your equipment is ready, it's time to get started!  Beginning at the shallow end of the pool.

Have a look at these Three easy Steps to Get rid of Algae by Manually Vacuuming it.

  • First step: Prime your Vacuum:

Start by purging all the air out of your vacuuming system. Removing air pockets ahead of time will prevent lost suction.  To do this, snap the vacuum head onto the telescopic pole and then lower it to the bottom of the pool. Then push the other end of the hose against a jet. This will allow the jet to push all of the air out of the hose.  You will probably see air bubbles floating from the vacuum head. Once those stop, the hose will be air free and you can start.

  • Second step: Connect the Pump:

To make your vacuum system function, you will have to attach it to the skimmer inlet which is powered by the suction of pool circulation pump.  Remove the strainer basket and connect the open end of the hose to the inlet. Plug the vacuum hose into the suction port. The suction port is at the bottom of the skimmer.

  • Third step: Start Vacuuming your Pool:

After following all the necessary initial steps now you're ready to vacuum your pool. Move the vacuum head back and forth on the floor of the pool until it's clean.  If you lose suction you will have to repeat the first and second step.

  • You can use your Garden Hose to Vacuum Clean your Pool:

This method is used to manually clean smaller pools and hot tubs and is done by attaching your vacuum system to the garden hose.  Attach a garden hose to the vacuum system by connecting the telescoping pole and vacuum head. Connect one end of the hose with the pole and the other end connected to the hose spigot. Attach a vacuum bag to the opening on the vacuum and turn off your pool's filtration system. Turn on the water at the spigot and put the vacuum into the pool.

Slowly move your vacuum back and forth to clean and remove dirt and debris.

You can refill your pool and use a garden hose filter for filling the pool after the vacuuming is done.

Regularly change the pool filter cartridges to maintain the effectiveness of your pools filtration system. If you are thinking of replacing your old pool filters then Unicel C-5601 replacement filter cartridges and Unicel C-4950 replacement filter cartridges are good products to consider.


Maintaining your pool takes effort. But you can use these tips and manually vacuum your pool like a pro. Regular maintenance and using the best pool filter cartridges assures that your pool stays clean, healthy and pristine.

The above-mentioned easy steps of manually vacuuming your pool will help you do it quickly and effectively. This way, you can spend less time cleaning the pool and more time swimming in it!