Read on to find out how to clean pool cartridges!

cheap pool filter cartridgesWhen you think of a swimming pool, you instantly think of the lovely evenings spent by the pool! This means the pool is clean and clear. But the water in the hot tub or a swimming pool can get contaminated by the nearby trees, flying dust etc. It can also get contaminated by the swimmers/users themselves. Thus, maintaining the sanitation and hygiene levels of the pool is very important.

The first step towards this process is probably to install a good filtration system - either DE, Cartridge or Sand Type! Ask experts at Pool Filters if you are in doubt as to which to buy for your pool and from where to buy it - Pool Filters

But taking care of the filter is equally important too - whether you clean it on regular basis or if you have a cartridge type filter, you replace it periodically - is up to you!

So, if you have decided on using the cartridge filter, make sure you clean it regularly and replace it periodically! Cartridges are very easy to clean :

First step is to know when to clean the filter. Check the water - is it dirty or crystal clear? If the water is a little cloudy and you can debris floating around, it is time to check and clean your filter. Check the PSI level - if it is above 10 of when you last cleaned or bought it, it is high time to clean it!
If there is a pressure clamp on the filter, please seek help and advice from experts because there is a safety hazard involved in removing the clamp.
So, first start by turning off all power and releasing the pressure. After some initial noise has subsided, release the pressure valve and take off the lid of the filter.
If you are replacing the cartridge, remove the old cartridge and fit in the new one
 Lastly, put back the electricity and enjoy the pool!