How to Replace the Laterals of Your Pool Filter

The complete swimming pool arrangement comprises of different functional parts, each for a different purpose. Filtration and circulation systems are the most important ones among these. While the pool pump performs the function of circulating pool water, the pool filter takes care of water filtration. These two systems work in collaboration with each other to maintain the cleanliness and clarity of pool water, thus keeping it safe for swimming.

To maintain the swimming pool in best condition, it is necessary to choose the right pool products. These products mainly include pool filter cartridges, pool cleaning accessories and replacement parts for pool pump. High on quality and efficiency both, Cantar pool products are quite popular among pool owners across the world.

The laterals of a pool filter need to be monitored carefully. Sometimes, it might even be necessary to replace them.

Here are the steps to replace the laterals of a pool filter

  • Switch off the pump and unplug it. You need ample space to work around the filter, so it is better to move the pump away from the filter. The placement of pump is normally done in such a manner that it can be kept at a distance from the pool filter.
  • Drain out the filter by opening the air bleeder. Then remove all the pipes and hoses connected to it.
  • If your pool is open, seal all the openings with threaded caps to prevent the pool water from getting drained out.
  • The clamp that holds the valve of the pump needs to be unscrewed. However, you do not have to take it off. Just turn the screw until the valve hangs loosely. Place the valve on the side and examine the pool filter.
  • Check the housing of the pool filter cartridge for any loose fittings and tighten them. Keep the replacement fittings handy so that they can be attached to the filter when needed.
  • Remove the O-ring from its groove on the belly band. Apply some lubricant on the groove, then place the replacement O-ring on the groove.

It is crucial for a pool owner to clean the filter cartridges and replace them when needed. Most of the people who buy pool filter cartridges in USA, prefer reputed brands such as Cantar.