Swimming pools today are a lot more than just a luxury – while the presence of a pool adds an appealing aspect to one's residence, the pleasure of swimming in it is quite hard to resist. Furthermore, there are multiple health benefits one can have by swimming regularly, reduction in body fat being one of them.

With every luxury, the owner also gets the responsibility of keeping it in a good condition and swimming pools are no different. Proper care of a swimming pool requires a set of high-quality products and a regular maintenance routine. Going for hayward pool filter replacement products can prove to be a clever option in this scenario. The brand offers pool filters as well as the products associated with those such as pumps, filter cartridges, cleaners, heaters and sanitizers.
Depending on needs and preferences, the type of pool filter used varies among pool owners, and so do the products required to keep up the efficiency of these filters. Hayward DE filters, for instance, comprise of filter grids which need to replace regularly.

This can be done with a few simple steps mentioned below:

  • Carefully open your filter tank and remove the assembly of grids
  • Discard the old Hayward filter grids
  • Place the new grids and close the filter tank
  • Add the required amount of DE powder

The role of filter cartridges in a cartridge filter is similar to that of grids in a DE filter. Mentioned below are some of the widely used filter cartridges and grids:

Unicel C-7489:

Unicel C-7489 Replacement Filter CArtridge

7 inches wide and 25 1/2 inches long, this Unicel pool filter cartridge conforms to the technical specifications Pleatco # PA112, OEM # CX875RE and Filbur # FC-1275. It features 3-inch open holes at the top and bottom, and can handle a top load of about 112 sq ft.

Unicel C-7488:

Unicel C-7488 Replacement Filter Cartridge

Having the same dimensions as that of C-7488, this cartridge complies with the specifications OEM # CX880XRE, Filbur # FC-1226 and Pleatco # PA106, and can endure a top load of about 106 sq ft. Made from high-quality materials, this cartridge is easy to install and maintain. Know, how to maintain filter cartridge?

Unicel PG-1906:

Unicel PG-1906

Highly popular among those who use DE pool filters, this filter grid complies with technical specifications Filbur# FC-9460 and OEM # DEX7200DS. 36 inches long and 9 3/4 inches wide, this grid traps the dust particles and other impurities in pool water thus keeping it crystal clear.

Unicel C-7698

Unicel C-7698 Replacement Filter Cartridge

This high-performance filter cartridge features technical specification Filbur# FC-1291 and OEM # CX1000RE. Capable of bearing a top load of 100 sq ft., this cartridge is 29 7/16 inches long and 7 inches wide. It also has 3-inch open holes at the top and bottom. Keeping the pool water free from dust particles and other debris, this cartridge ensures complete hygiene.