How to Prevent Your Swimming Pool from Losing Water

The circulation system of a swimming pool has a closed design. The pool pump creates suction which pulls the pool water through the main drain and skimmer boxes. When the pressure is negative, water gets pulled through a strainer basket and then goes to the impeller of the pump. On the other hand, when the pressure is positive, the water is sent to the pool filter through the multiport valve. After filtration, the water goes through the return line and then through jets located below the water level. Improper settings in the valve or other malfunctions can cause loss of water from jets.

Here are Some Measures You Can Implement to Avoid this Situation

Check Valve Settings

The function of a multiport valve is to direct the water flow in a pool in different ways. It has multiple settings. In one setting, the water is diverted from its standard flow path. In another setting , the water flow is completely cut off. Water is directed to the jets only in two settings namely filter and recirculate. When water is not flowing out of the jets, you should check the valve settings and change them accordingly.

Clean the Filtration System

Water circulation in a swimming pool may sometimes get obstructed by a clogged pool filter. The filter normally gets clogged due to irregular maintenance, changes in filter media and use of dirty or damaged filter cartridges. Due to these factors, dirt, debris or algae get accumulated on the filter. Water-pressure gauge is a common part among all pool filters. The operating pressure for the filter is stated in the manufacturer's specifications. A high pressure implies that the water flow is being restricted by an obstructed filter. This can be avoided by cleaning the filter or replacing it with another one.

Leaks in the Pump

The pump needs to be properly sealed on the suction side, to maintain optimal pressure from its discharge side to the jets. The leaks on the suction side causes air to get trapped in the impeller. Consequently, the pump cannot prime and the flow of water to the jets gets interrupted. If air bubbles are emitted from the jets, it depicts a loss in water pressure. The leaks on the suction side should be sealed.

Recommended Product

Pool filter is an important part of the swimming pool which needs regular maintenance. One should replace filter cartridges regularly. If you are looking for a suitable replacement cartridge, Unicel T 380R is an apt choice. It features the technical specifications OEM T380R and Filbur FC-3061. Having a length of 9 3/4 inches and a width of 2 3/4 inches, this cartridge has 1 1/16 inch open holes at top and bottom. Its quality filter media trap the dirt and debris in pool water.