A soak in the hot tub helps in releasing stress and muscle tension, but you also get exposed to a host of harmful bacteria. Here, we discuss some methods by which you can keep your hot tub free of diseases.

Spa parts from CanadaThe warm, steamy conditions that make spas or hot tubs so welcoming and relaxing, also make them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. They are capable of causing dangerous legionnaires' diseases, as well as infections of the skin, eyes, ears and lungs. There is nothing to worry about though, as with regular maintenance, your hot tub can be kept free of diseases, making it a safe hangout for family and friends.

Following are some methods by which you can ensure the safety and cleanliness of your hot tub:

  • Do regular inspection of your hot tub, in order to avoid slime, unclear water or sour smell. All of these are a sign of bacterial infestation. If someone develops a skin rash after using the hot tub, consider it a sign of having unhealthy elements in the hot tub.
  • Change your hot tub filter, in case it is in a bad condition or is over a year old. L.A. Spa filters are good alternatives, as they help in keeping the spa bacteria free. You can also dilute an overnight filter cleanser in 8 gallons of water, or in the amount that is specified by the manufacturer. After keeping the filter in the solution overnight, it can be rinsed in the morning.
  • Properly wipe the underside of the hot tub cover, as well as the filter hole, with cloth and bleach cleanser. In case the cover is waterlogged, it is time to replace it. Spa parts from Canada, offer good replacement options for your hot tub.
  • Add water to the hot tub, till the water level reaches about 1 inch higher than usual. After closing the cover, turn on the water jets, water circulators or air blowers to the highest speed. Disinfect the tub thoroughly by running the hot tub gadgets for approximately 30 minutes. Turn the air injectors on and off at a time gap of every five minutes or keep the air blowers on for one minute and switched off for four minutes.
  • Add 4 tablespoons of hot tub system flush product to 100 gallons of water in the hot tub, or in the amount specified by the manufacturer. Run the hot tub gadgets in the same way as before, for 30 minutes, by adding the system flush to the water. This cleans all the plumbing in the hot tub.

Keeping the surfaces clean and changing your filter cartridge regularly, is the best defense against infections. Unicel replacement filter cartridge is one of the best cartridge to go for, in case you are thinking of replacing your filter cartridge.