You may be now thinking about getting the pool ready for use with summer coming up in the near future.  To prepare your pool for the upcoming season follow the steps below to achieve this in the most efficient way:

1. Using a leaf net dispose of any debris or leaves on the cover.

2. Pump off any standing water on the cover.  At this time note, if the pools cover has a hole in it.  You could inadvertently be pumping water out of the pool itself.

3. Remove the cover.  Clean and dry correctly and then properly put into storage.

4. Inspect to be sure that the pools water level is at the correct level.  It could be low due to evaporation during the time it was covered.

5. Remove all the items installed to keep your pool water from freezing such as freeze plugs.

6. If you did not clean your pool filters prior to storing the pool you will want to properly do that now.

7. You are now ready to start the filter system on the pool.  Purge all the air from the lines, remembering to release all the pressure prior to opening the pool filter, pool pump or chemical feeder since air does get compressed while priming the pool pump so you can start the pool filter system.

8.Inspect pool filters, plumbing, and all other areas of the pool for leaks.

9. Check to make sure that the water is clear and blue.  If it isn’t clean accordingly.

10. Vacuum the pool removing any debris, sand and algae.

Now that your pool is totally clean, verify your water pH and chemistry. The pH and water chemistry is probably even more important than your pool pumps and filters.  The wrong balance can ruin our pool time with algae, other microbes or even making swimmers sick.