How to know When to Remodel your Swimming Pool

Have you recently started wondering if it's time to renovate your pool? Backyard swimming pools mean fun-time with family. But, like everything else, swimming pools come with an expiration date too.
Let's take a look at some signs that suggest it might be the right time to remodel your swimming pool:

1. Pool Walls are Damaged:

Walls provide structural integrity to your pool. Therefore, you must pay special attention to ensure the walls of your pool are in the best shape.

A weak structure, if ignored, can cause serious safety hazards. Additionally, sharp-edged or broken tiles can result in cuts or bruises to young children.

It might be as trivial as a minor crack or a plastering issue, but periodic checking ensures that serious accidents are averted. Whether it is just a retiling job or a complete renovation, it can give your pool a new lease on life.

2. Out-dated Design:

Pool designs change over time, and an out-dated pool design might lack modern sleekness, or your personal taste may have changed over time. Remodelling your pool filters allows you to introduce new features and modify its shape or size according to the latest trends or preference.

3. Your Pool is not Childproof:

Your existing pool may have a design that does not provide appropriate safety measures. Families with small children must ensure that their loved ones are safe while enjoying the pool, and some states require childproofing measures for all pools, whether you have children or not.

Additionally, old electrical cables used for lighting and heating can pose a serious safety concern. Adding safety features like a fence and safety nets to your backyard pool and replacing old cables provides a peace of mind, which is priceless!

4. Your Pool is Not Energy Efficient:

As technology evolves with time, so has energy efficiency of pools. Replacing your old equipment like heaters, pumps, and poolfilters with the latest models will make your pool energy efficient. While there is an initial cost, the savings on your electricity bills will cover it in a few months.

5. You Notice Algae Growth:

Whether you like it or not, your backyard pool will always contain algae. Algae particles feed on bacteria and flourish with time. The most common sites for algae formation are the floors and sidewalls of your swimming pool. However, it can seep into the wooden deck of your pool in a few years if you aren’t diligent about controlling it.

Bleach can be used to remove the algae formation on concrete floors and tiles, but algae are very stubborn on wood. If you notice any green algae on the deck of your pool, it is time to renovate your pool deck.

6. You Want to Add More Features:

Modern design pools come with several features and options that can improve your experience, and the new filter systems available offer improved ways to keep pool water hygienic and free from disease-causing germs.

7. Frequent Repairs Due to Old Age:

If you find that you are either having professionals do repairs or doing them yourself more often than usual, it may be that your pool has reached the end of its lifetime. In these situations, it may be more cost-effective to have the entire pool remodelled rather than continuing to pay for repairs.

8. Visible Cracks or Leakage:

Harsh environmental conditions and temperature variations can cause cracks to develop in your pool. Initially, it might appear to be an aesthetic problem, but continuous water seepage can expand these cracks.
Visible water leakage can appear over time from joints like pipes and valves or lighting fixtures. If you see unusual accumulation of water around your pool, it is time to consult a remodelling expert.

9. Faded Tiles and Deck:

Prolonged exposure to the sun can impact the tile and deck color of your backyard pool. You can check for damage by removing any object that has been on the deck for quite some time. If you notice a difference in color and shine, there has been some fading.
Fading is an irreversible process, and once it starts, it will continue to degrade the look of your pool.

Rounding it up:

Remodelling your pool sounds expensive, and initial costs may be, but it is worth the investment to keep your pool up-to-date and safe. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it’s time to consider giving your pool a new life by remodelling it with the latest features.