Spa filters usually get neglected even though they are a very important part of your spa. They keep your spa clean and free from bacteria by trapping all kinds of dirt from water. Replacement of filter mainly depends on the kind of filter you have. Spa filter replacement should usually be done yearly or in every two years. There are some common types of filters available at spa parts stores. By checking your spa manufacturer and model number, along with the recommended model filter, you will be able to choose the right replacement for your filter. Therefore, complete knowledge about your spa is absolutely essential to choose the right part.

Get the Right Spa Filter

In this blog, we shall discuss about a common spa filter – cartridge filter. This filter works by simply removing impurities with the help of folded mesh or paper material. Cartridge filters can easily be found with your spa manufacturer or other spa part stores.

Cartridge filter system definitely has some strong points, which recommends it more than others. Unlike DE and sand filters, cartridge filter comprise of re-usable cartridges. Made of paper like material, they have plastic retaining ring tops and deep folds, which make them easy to remove, clean and replace. With proper care they can last up-to 4-5 years, doing an excellent job of filtering the finest particles from your spa water. Bullfrog spas are one of the premium hot tubs that run perfectly on cartridge filters.

Cartridge filter systems are popular because of their convenience – no sand spilling into the pool, no messy D.E to add and relatively easier replacement of filter. Just running the filter once a day for at least 1 hour will ensure that the water is clean, even if it is not being used. Also, making sure that whoever uses the spa takes a shower before getting in, as this will lower the level of impurities in the water. The impurities in water might include lotion, bodily fluids, deodorant, hair, sweat, dead skin cells or hair spray, to name but a few. The level of impurities increases with the number of people who use your spa.

It will save a lot of maintenance cost if you buy the filter and other spa accessories from a well-known spa parts brand, for example purchasing Bullfrog spa filters will ensure durability and reliability for years.