How to Enhance the Performance of Your Swimming Pool Filter

Pool filtration is an important aspect of every swimming pool. Consider installing best pool filter cartridges for your pool. Read on to know more.

Being a pool owner, you need to keep a tab on the efficiency of your pool filtration system. For that matter, install a high grade pool filter and filter cartridge that ensure uninterrupted pool fun. When it comes to swimming pool filters, you can have multiple options online. Many online portals offer flawless pool filters and cartridges. One of the highly recommended pool filters is Hayward pool filters. These filters are more efficient as compared to D.E filters and other brands.

If you are to retain the efficiency of your pool filtration system, you should make it a point to clean the filter cartridge in a proper way without damaging its fibers. You can improve your filtration by installing a pool filter of increased size. An over-sized filter can help you prevent many water problems before they occur.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to enhance the performance and durability of your pool filters.

Don’t Try to Over Clean the Filter Cartridges

When the filter cartridges are a bit dirty, they can more efficiently trap the dirt. With the already trapped dirt, they can trap more dirt easily. Once you clean the pool filter cartridge, the fibers of the cartridge get loosened and the dirt trapping power is alleviated to a certain extent. Consider cleaning the cartridges with a pressure gauge ranging between 8 and 10 lbs or when the pressure flow rate is substantially low.

Clean in a Gentle Manner

You may require a good amount of water pressure for cleaning the cartridge. However, do not use too much water pressure, as it can cause damage to the fibers. Refrain from using pressure washer to clean filter cartridges. You can make use of the filter flosser for maintaining a gentle and low flow of water.

Do Away With all the Minerals and Oils

Both oils and minerals can cause clogging in the small spaces between the filter fibers. After cleaning the cartridge, if you find that the pressure gauge is not dropping as far as it used to, clean it with a filter cleaner for breaking down the mineral deposits as well as from removing oil from airborne pollutants.