Pool pump circulates the water in swimming pool, so that it goes through the filter. It thus plays an important role in keeping the water free from any dirt or debris. Sometimes, the pool pump can make an unusual noise during operation. This noise can be a disturbance to the pool owner as well as neighbors. A noticeable change in the usual noise of the pump motor followed by increase in the level of noise implies that there is some problem with the pump. Some minor repairs and adjustments can help to eliminate this noise.

Unwanted Noise in a Pool Pump

Suppressing Unwanted Vibrations in the Pump Motor

  • While your pool pump is running, monitor its operation. Check the base of the pump for any unusual vibrations or movement. This normally happens when the bolts holding the motor are loose. If this is the case, tighten the bolts using an adjustable wrench. This way the motor will get strongly attached to the concrete pad below it.
  • If the vibrations continue even after you are done with the above step, switch off the motor. Loosen the bolts of the motor, remove them carefully and keep them at a secure place.
  • Secure the motor pump by placing a rubber pad or a piece of an old carpet beneath it. Then fix the bolts back in their place. Consequently, the noisy vibrations will be absorbed by the rubber pad or carpet piece.

Cleaning the Skimmer Baskets

Sometimes, problems in the skimmer baskets can be responsible for the noise in pump motor. The skimmer baskets can get clogged with large or small items. This in turn causes cavitation. The items stuck in the skimmer basket restrict the water flow to the pump. As a result, the pump emits more noise than usual. To avoid this problem, clean the skimmer baskets by removing the items that are stuck in it. This will facilitate the flow of water to the pump, thus reducing the noise. The water level in the pool can sometimes be so low that the skimmer openings cannot reach it. This again restricts the water from reaching the pump, thus causing the pump to make noise. This can be prevented by raising the water level.

Recommended Product

Like regular servicing of pool pump, replacement of pool filter cartridges also is an important task in swimming pool maintenance. For this task, one needs to choose high-quality replacement cartridges such as Unicel C-7494. Filbur FC-1227, Pleatco PA131 and OEM  CX1280XRE are the technical specifications of this cartridge. 32 13/16 inches long and 7 inches wide, this cartridge features 3-inch open holes at the top and bottom. It has efficient filter media which trap the debris in pool water, thus keeping it clean and clear.