Many swimming pool owners use cartridge type pool filters in swimming pools. When the pool filter cartridges stop performing according to expectations, we replace them. Replacing pool filter cartridges is the easiest way out, but there’s another way of getting the best out of used pool filters – cleaning them. If you clean the filter cartridge properly, you can cut costs and also maintain a healthy pool.

Most pool filter cartridges do not contain paper as widely believed, but a synthetic fiber or fiberglass matt. Well, there are however some cartridges that have paper in them. The cleaning procedures mentioned below won’t work for such pool filter cartridges.

The first step is to remove the pool filter from the filter assembly and clean it thoroughly under a water jet. Make sure you clean the filter while still wet, dry filters are difficult to wash. Once you’ve cleaned the filter properly dry it under direct sunlight. Sunlight has great algaecidal properties and will kill all remain algae, if any, clinging to the filter. The next step is to shake off all debris clinging to the filter. You can do this using compressed air or by gently tapping the filter. Don’t worry if you still see some debris inside. This is not the actual cleaning, but prep to it.

Make sure you do not clean all filters all at once. Pool filter sanitation is a time consuming process and it’s best to clean a few at a time.

For the actual cleaning process, take a bucket big enough to hold all the filters together. Now submerge the filters in a solution of one part sanitizer and six parts of water. Secure the bucket lid after submerging the pool filters. This will make sure that all bacteria, algae etc. in the pool filters are killed. You’ll have to submerge the filters in this solution for at least 24 hours…the longer the better. For best results sanitize them for 3-5 days.

After the “submersion period” is over, rinse the filters in a bucket of clean water. Dunk them several times if you have to until you see the contaminants floating on the water. Once you’re sure the filters are spanking clean, hang them in bright sunlight to dry out. Once dry check the filters for any contaminants. Brush them off using a soft brush. Seal the bucket containing the sanitizer for future use.

Once dry, submerge the filters in a solution of one part muriatic acid and ten parts water. Keep them submerged until the bubbling stops. This process will dissolve all minerals clinging to the pool filters. Next rinse the filters thoroughly using a water jet, just like the way you did in the beginning. Your filters are now ready for use again.